Our Residential Services

In the simplest of terms, title companies make sure that all requirements have been met in order for a property to transfer ownership.

But at Chicago Title, we approach things a bit differently and try to see each closing through the eyes of our customers. We handle and coordinate all of the tedious details behind the scenes so that closing is a stress-free experience. It’s not about the stack of papers that you are signing at the closing table, but it’s about the next chapter in your life that begins the moment you walk out of our door.

Closing on a property represents very personal things to buyers and sellers. It’s about packing and unpacking memories. It’s about where your sofa is going to be placed in relation to the fireplace. It’s about planning your first summer pool party and floating on that raft. It’s about the new puppy that you promised to the kids, what color they get to paint their new rooms, and how soon the X Box will be hooked up.

Closing is really the final stop before you can start hanging pictures on the wall. We want to make that closing experience a very positive one, so that you can focus on the important things, like making new memories.


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