Escrow Officer
Debbie Powers

Debbie has been with Chicago Title since 1999, handling the closings of residential and commercial real estate transactions. During her many years of title industry experience, Debbie has had the opportunity to handle all of the responsibilities within a branch office from receptionist through Escrow Officer. During her career she has achieved many awards in recognition of her success and contributions to the company, including being an annual member of Chicago Title’s President’s Club since 2002. She was also awarded as a Top 10 Residential Escrow Officer for Chicago Title Houston in 2015. Debbie is a member of TLTA (Texas Land Title Association).

It’s a privilege to work for Chicago Title. Our company is built on the same standards I value personally - Integrity, loyalty, service, team work and respect. I am proud to help our customers and business partners achieve their goals while following our company precepts of being action oriented while following highest standards of conduct.

Debbie considers herself a problem-solver. She says that emotions and stress levels often run high during the course of a residential transaction. Her goal is always to look for solutions and be a calming influence to everyone involved. She says that she wants each person involved in the transaction to know that they are valued and that their view is being heard.

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