Commercial Division Title Officer
Steve Sapio

Steve is a title insurance veteran with roots in the title examination segment of the business. He has examined all types of files and has specialized in complex commercial files for the past several years. In addition to title examination skills, Steve has held title plant management positions in which he supervised the flow of work through the plant and trained other examiners. These title examination responsibilities brought him into direct contact with underwriting counsel, from whom he learned the many underwriting aspects of the title insurance business. The continuing contact with underwriting counsel has equipped him to function as a title officer, providing assistance to title examiners, Escrow Officers and customers.

Experience matters, come see the difference.

For many years, Steve has been directly involved in their transactions, researching and solving title problems, responding to objection letters, and supporting underwriting on various issues. The same drive that caused Steve to maximize his abilities has led him into business development. Partnering with Escrow Officers to obtain and service title insurance business, he brings his examination and management skills directly to the title insurance customer.

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